Timber Care

It's not too late to save your deck!

Exposed timber decking can cop a real beating from extreme heat, sunlight and rain, leading to weathering, rotting and loosening of boards around fastenings. In fact, when it comes to materials bare timber is the most susceptible to weather tenfold. To slow the speed of this damage we recommend regular deck treatment via a light water-blast, timber brightening scrub or a combination of the both followed by a stain depending on current condition. Our Timber Restoration Team are well equipped and well experienced to resurface even the most delicate of weathered timbers. 

Deck Wash
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Maintains the condition of your deck over the long term
Prompt and cost-effective when carried out regularly
Deck Scrub
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Hand Scrub
Cuts into deep-rooted fungi without damaging timber.
Brightens timber if being left exposed
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Double coat of decking protection
Deck Restoration
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Provides a U.V and moisture protection layer
Adds colour to your outdoor area
Reduces the need for washing

Information about this service

Deck Wash

This is a service for newer decks and we recommend its completion every 12-18 months to ensure both aesthetic, longevity and safety around your structure. The purpose of a deck wash is to uphold the natural colour of the timber, removing the silver oxidation layer preventing further rotting.

Timber Deck Scrub

This service is necessary when the timber has been neglected for a longer period of time and has started to attract fungi such as moss mould and lichen. The aim of this procedure is to loosen and organic materials prior to the deck wash. This will ensure all organic material can be cleaned off using a low-pressure wash setting as to not frey the soft Timber Care in Wellington.

Timber Restoration

Untreated and/or unsealed wood takes a lot of damage from the sun. Its color changes, its shape warps, and it dries out much faster than it would naturally, making it much more susceptible to cracks. To add colour and minimize deterioration, you may want us to add a coating of deck stain after deck wash treatment is complete. This will reduce the need for your deck to be cleaned as the protective skin will help protect timber from the elements. Contact us today for a range of colors and requirements.

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