About Us

Pinnacle Building Wash offers a full range of exterior cleaning and treatment services to suit any business and any budget. From soft washing to deep cleaning and treatment spraying, our highly trained staff will ensure your environment is pleasant, safe, and healthy.


Our Cleaning Philosophy


We believe a clean working and living environment is a healthy working and living environment. Our systematic approach to establishing and maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness means you can focus on your life and not suffer apprehension towards unsanitary conditions or unexpected preventable damages. Quality control is very important to us, we’ve developed a foolproof system of weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance schedules that guarantee results without putting a strain on your wallet.


Why We Started Pinnacle


Everybody gets their car serviced to maintain its running ability and longevity, Oddly to us however many people cease to devote the same love and care to they’re house or building – a much larger investment. We have found this is an extremely unwise financial decision as failing to gain control over the foreign materials clinging to your structure will sucept the property to a great deal of deterioration, only leading to extensive repairs down the track that are not claimable within most insurance policy’s. Our goal is to increase awareness and improve home maintenance at a national level leading to clients hard-earned money being spent in a way most beneficial to themselves.


Our People


Each member of the Pinnacle team is thoroughly trained in our systems, products, equipment, along with all required industry standards and insurances. For your peace of mind, we carry broad form, property damage and statutory liability insurance.

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