Cleaning property with a rainwater collection system

Why Roof & Gutter Cleaning On A Rural Property Is Essential To Clean Tank Water

Cleaning the roof and gutters on a rural property is vital, and is a job that may warrant professional consultation. If you are collecting rainwater for drinking purposes, roof, gutters and downpipes should be cleaned much more regularly and carefully than in an urban home. Any muck or chemical that flows to the downpipe has a chance of entering your tank, contaminating your drinking water.

Why Correct Processes Are Crucial

Cleaning/treating your roof and clearing gutters can be much more important if you are collecting rainwater however it is crucial this is done correctly. If proper precaution is not taken pollutants and organic matter can be easily washed into your tank system. This clogs filtration systems and can taint your water quality and be dangerous in the case of roof treatment, oxidised paint or bitumen chip.

Roofs bare host to many possible contaminants including insects, birds, cats and fungal spores. Water then runs over these before entering your tank.

Over time your roof will also start to deteriorate, rust will appear and your paint will oxidize causing a chalky substance to coat your roof. This ‘chalk’ (loose paint granules) will then slowly track into your tank and taint your drinking water. Regular washing of your roof will remove most of this in bulk and stop it slowly entering your tank.

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