Eco-friendly house washing

In a cleaning industry rife with greenwashing. Pinnacle stands tall knowing our Eco-Friendly House Washing methods are designed to ensure environmental resources and human health do not bare a sacrifice to clean homes.

Fossil fuel initiatives

 Almost a fifth of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transport. Regrettably to us, our vehicles and machinery currently run on fossil fuels. While we look towards an electric future, here’s what we do reduce our impact and combat our emissions.

Preventive care of vehicle and water blasting equipment

Buying top of the line equipment and ensuring machinery is well looked after prevents breakdowns repairs and replacements. Keeping equipment running in tip-top condition goes a long way toward reducing emissions as well as ensuring maximum performance. For instance, keeping tires properly inflated can prevent 250 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year by reducing friction.

Online Quotes

While we are happy to quote bigger jobs on-site. Our online system is usually able to quote a job instantly. This can cut out many unnecessary trips thus cutting carbon consumption and saving you money.

Chemical Reduction Initiatives

 Many companies will spray bleach and other harmful chemicals at will, disregarding more ethical substitutes due to time restraints. At Pinnacle we only apply the more harmful cleaning chemicals where it is absolutely necessary! We boast an extensive arsenal of forward-thinking alternatives to further reduce environmental impact.

Organic Cleaning Solutions 

We only add salt-based cleaners and biodegradable soaps to our house wash solution.

The power of water 

At Pinnacle we don’t mind spending the extra time cleaning a property if it means we have to add fewer chemicals.

After-care chemical neutralizing

Chemicals can sometimes remain active when they are left to dry on hard surfaces. We make sure to neuturalize chemicals and thoroughly hose down all nearby surfaces. This ensures the safety of pets, todlers and surrounding wildlife.


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