Solar panel Cleaning

Regular soft washing your solar panels not only ensures longevity and maximum power output. It is also required under most warranty policies. Most solar companies recommend washing their products every 6-12 months depending on environmental factors. Failing to clean your solar panels will reduce solar panel efficiency. Thus increasing your solar payback period. This is especially important in coastal areas such as Kapiti. where salt is often not visible from afar but does restrict power output. You also might need to clean more often if you are located near bush areas, tall trees, construction or traffic.

Common Problems

  • Sea/Salt Spray Sand in coastal areas.
  • Moss, Mould, Lichen or Mildew are common in NZ conditions.
  • Fallen Foliage from nearby trees.
  • Pollutants such as busy roads, factories, airports and construction sites.

4 steps to efficient solar panels

Gauge your environment. If you are situated near any of our common problems stated above your panels may require a more regular wash schedule.

Keep an eye out for any larger foreign materials. If it can be easily seen from the ground it should be dealt with swiftly. A closer inspection and wash should also take place regularly. This will stop build-up of air pollutants, granular substances or fungal spores that aren’t easily seen.

Take into account whether or not your panels are installed at an angle. Rainwater will have an easier time cleaning tilted solar panels. Therefore if your solar panels are mounted flat, they might need to undergo soft washing more often. 

Monitor changes in power output before and after washing. Find the cleaning schedule that is best for your home.

Our solar Panel cleaning service

  • We use pure water. Chemicals and detergents can damage rubber seals and accelerate corrosion. 
  • Our team are extensively trained to safely access and wash almost any panels.
  • We are thoroughly insured. In the extremely unlikely scenario of damage we will fit the bill.


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