Pre-Paint House Wash

Propper Preparation Prevents Poor Paint Performance

Proper preparation is absolutely vital in ensuring a good finish when painting a house. It will ensure paint can properly bond with your cladding system or previous coat. If organic material or loose paint are left to be painted on you will not only get an unsecured finish but the longevity of the paint will be severely compromised. Depending on the painter’s preferences we recommend a thorough Pre-Paint house wash before undergoing any painting job.

Our Pre-Paint House Wash Service Will Remove…

  • Flakey paint
  • Oxidized paint 
  • Organic spores 
  • Moss, mould and lichen
  • Dirt and grime build-up
  • Cobwebs, Spiders & Bugs
  • Salt, Sand & Dust

How We Do It

Prior to painting your house, a thorough pre-paint house wash should always be carried out. This helps remove any organic matter or loosely bonded paint that may prevent proper bonding to the structure. We use our soft wash system to remove dirt and organic material. A slightly higher pressure rinse then follows this to remove any loosely bonded paint.

We make sure to pay extra attention to easily missed areas such as the underside of the lower weatherboards. It’s an easy spot to miss as you will not see it from a standing position.

A pre paint wash can also expose areas of compromised integrity that may require repair prior to paint.

The team at Pinnacle have the know-how and equipment to provide a pre-paint house or wash for almost any building. if you want total peace of mind and a pristine paint job get in touch today!


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