Villa House Washing Wellington

Washing Your Victorian Style Villa Home

Wellington is the epicentre of classic villas in New Zealand and older houses require extensive care. There are many things to remember when washing a property of this style. Pinnacle House Washers are experts in soft wash techniques that avoid damage to the sometimes fragile surfaces. Our system for Victorian style villa house washing leaves you resting easy knowing your home is looked after by the best.

The Soft House Wash Approach For Villas

Soft washing is the only way to go when it comes to Victorian Style villa house washing. This ensures its timeless weatherboards, sash windows, wooden joinery and balustrades will enjoy many more years of life. 

At Pinnacle, Soft washing includes the application of a job-specific house washing mix, which cleans more deeply than water blasting. Soft house washing cuts into deep stains and achieves a sparkling clean without the need for high-pressure blasting and the risks that accompany it. This is the same system that Chemwash uses. 

House washing technique is also key to reducing damage and water ingress. The Pinnacle team are thoroughly trained in the proper application of a range of low-pressure house washing systems and techniques. 

Our teams are also all owner-operators who really care about the quality of their house washing results.

Wellington Villa Gutter Cleaning And Roof Washing  

vThe villas in Wellington often have steep roofs and many are twin peak with a valley running down the middle. Cleaning the gutters on these sorts of houses can be tricky access wise. Pinnacle holds all the relevant heights and harness training to clean gutters safely. A Pinnacle gutter clean also includes the valleys of the roof. The trays in the valleys of the roof can be prone to leaking when cleaned out. We proceed especially carefully when dealing with classic villas and have systems to minimise both damage and water ingress. 


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