Cedar House Washing Secrets – Prevention is key!

Cedar house washing is a huge must on your to-do list if you own a home with cedar cladding. Although Cedar has natural preservatives, over time moisture, heat and UV light will gradually deplete these.  This permits moisture to enter the timber causing it to expand and contract, creating gaps for algae, mildew, moss, or mould to grow, and for the timber to cup, split and silver.

Protecting Your Cedar Cladding

The best form of cedar house washing is prevention. Regular washing of cedar cladding is essential to its longevity. Cedar has a soft, porous surface that can be easily damaged if not looked after properly. Whilst it’s always important to be careful when washing outdoor surfaces, particular attention should be paid to cedar homes. We find that many customers prefer to leave this to the professionals.

Water Blasting Cedar Cladding 

Even low-pressure soft house washing gear packs enough punch to cause damage to cedar surfaces if used incorrectly. Inexperienced house washers and moments of carelessness can permanently damage cedar due to its extremely soft nature.

Soft brush Washing Cedar 

Regular soft brushing & house washing will help to stop mould and lichen from establishing themselves on the cedar surfaces. This can be done without the need for external help – however, 

Moss, Mould and Lichen

It’s important to be aware of the damage moss, mould and lichen impose on all cladding before washing, however cedar can suffer particularly and therefore prevention is key!

Once growth is visible on your house you are losing the war and your cedar cladding may never return to 100%. Regular soft washing of your cedar cladding will prevent build-up by killing and removing spores.

Moss and lichen will find it easy to bond to dry cracked surface so stain is important. If there has been sustained growth, water damage or oxidisation, it may be time to look at restaining your home. In this case, it is highly advised that you consult a cedar specialist to discuss the preferred method of preparation.

Do You Need Help Maintaining Your Cedar Home?

Of all the different types of cladding, cedar although beautiful is one of the hardest to look after. Not to worry though, we have plenty of experience with this type of surface and more than a few happy customers. Feel free to contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.


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