Protect Your Investment

Protecting Your Investment

At Pinnacle we know you’ve got far more exciting things on your mind than property maintenance, however just like failing to consistently visit the dentist it can lead to very expensive repairs, and a less than pleasant aesthetic down the track. That’s why not only have we prepared some information below for you to consider. We’ve also developed a series of robust and systematic approaches to taking care of your investment. Leaving you with peace of mind as well as a pleasant, safe, and healthy home.

Insurance Obligations

Did you know an AA Insurance survey found up to a third of homeowners were not aware of the maintenance obligations placed on them, or how it could affect their cover?
The first thing you need to remember when it comes to protecting your investment is that insurance isn’t a maintenance contract. Your insurance policy is there to help you recover from sudden, unexpected losses that you couldn’t prevent. This means if insurers determine damages occurred over time and measures such as a house wash, roof wash or gutter clean were could have avoided the issue!, policies will often state their obligations are void, even in alarming situations such as a leaking roof, rotten timber or fire damage caused by dead foliage in gutters.

Common Property Damage Accelerants/Catalysts

In New Zealand conditions, it’s not uncommon to see properties rendered to deal with mosses, moulds, lichens and various other damaging elements no matter the location. However there are some factors that can lead to excessive growth of organic material and harm to your building, some preventable others, unfortunately, require scheduled attention such as water blasting, removal of organic build-up, and treatment spraying.

Lack of Rain Washing: Rain washing helps wash away foreign materials from your roof. However, it tends to be less effective on roofs with less than 15 degrees slope, and can also miss the high points on a grooved roofing system.

Compromised Integrity to Waterproof Substrate Coating Caused by Moss, Mould Lichen and other organisms: failure to keep on top of house washing, gutter cleaning and roof treatments at your property and organisms are left to grow on your house or roof it can seriously impact the integrity of your building. Lichens are especially bad as they form a strong bond to the substrate of your home often pulling the coating layer away from the cladding leaving it exposed to moisture damage. Causing either oxidation of the metal or rotting of plaster and timber. To remedy this issue we recommend a soft house wash yearly. However, if the building has been neglected for some time we may need to undergo a deep house clean first to get rid of any established vegetation.

Erosion to Zinc/Aluminium or Alloy Coating Caused by Wildlife:  Build-up of organic materials such as bird excrement, can over time damage the coating layer of your roof, leaving it exposed to the elements and causing accelerated oxidation. To remedy this issue we recommend one of several pest control methods, in which our staff are more than capable of applying while undertaking any of our house wash services.

Scratching Damage Caused by Wildlife: Although NZ’s birdlife can be wonderful having them around the building protective layer of your roof is damaged via scratching as wildlife move around and land on your roof, therefore accelerating oxidation. Similar to the above, we can recommend several pest control methods, in which our staff are more than capable of applying while undertaking any of our house wash services

Living by the Sea: Salt spray from the ocean will vastly accelerate any corrosion and oxidation around your property especially when the protective layer has been compromised, coastal homes are recommended 2-3 soft house washes per year.

Living Near large or easily windswept Trees and or Bushes: Can impede proper exit flow of water leading to blocked gutters and to pooling of water. To sort this we suggest yearly gutter cleans which can easily be added to your house or roof wash service. Polin can also be an issue as its bright colour can be extremely noticeable around the home. Polin generally cleans off during a soft house wash if this method fails a quick scrub and rinse should finish it off. 

Blocked Gutter and Spouting System: Blocked Gutters and spouting can often be caused by sticks, leaves, dirt and seeds falling from trees nearby your property stopping water from flowing through your spouting system. Another issue can be birds nesting and evidently bringing seeds leading to plants growing in your gutter. Once fall in your spouting system is initially compromised blocking will accelerate tenfold, this leads to a great amount of extra weight and eventually cracked spouting, water may then gather in less than ideal places causing further damage.

Nearby Building Construction: Nearby construction projects can cover your house with all sorts of dirt dust and grime, not only will this have a negative impact on your health but likewise the health of your home, and often after delayed action it can be too late to completely reverse the effect, not to mention construction dust is often found to contain concrete which will harden after rain and may damage the paint. We have an arsenal of house wash services to remove most mess caused construction *It’s important to be aware that you can often get the cost of our callout paid for in full by the vendor or construction company as they have an obligation for minimal impact on surrounding dwellings during the project.

Living by a Major Intersection, Highway or Road Construction: Fossil fuels and the tars used to seal roads produce many pollutants that fly into the air and may stick to the exterior of your house. Unfortunately, if it is painted light in colour you may see discolouration. This needs immediate attention in the form of a deep clean house wash as refined oil derivatives are nasty potent and sticky substances that if not attended to may become permanent.

These factors make regular maintenance of your investment an absolute must, and it’s a potentially dangerous job. So if you value your active lifestyle, along with Pinnacle results it can be a good idea to leave it to the professionals.


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